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Surreal psychedelic sphinx creature illustration
Custom t-shirt illustration and design
Fine art oil paintings surreal geometric cubist works in psychedelic colors.
Logo and mascot illustration, both traditional and computer art.
Monsters, freaks and oddities, bizarre creatures and hallucinatory distorted faces.
Magazine cover illustration, robot attacks city, cartoon, Photoshop and Illustrator.
Pen and ink sketches and studies, bizarre deformations and surreal anatomy.
Commercial illustration and t-shirt design, full color. Astronaut with beer mug.
Skulls, bones tendons, surreal and grotesque deformations.
Line art demons and dragons, monsters and creatures.
Symbol oriented fine art abstract oil painting.
Bizarre cartoon characters, pencil charcoal and ink.
Psychedelic, abstract geometric charcoal drawings.
Surreal cartoon creatures and critters artwork and illustrations.
Cubist geometric abstract charcoal drawings and illustrations
Hot rod monsters, demons, frankenstien, aliens artwork and illustration
psychedelic surreal mayan glyph designs artwork.
abstract geometric oil painting

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biomechanical alien creature in armor or robot suit | illustration by kent, ohio artist george coghill
biomechanical alien creature in armor or robot suit
pen on paper
This illustration begins to go quite literal in expanding the Mayan doodle series design elements into a fll-fledged object, losing all abstract qualities and focusing on the biomechanical aspect.

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Portfolio of Kent, Ohio illustrator, designer and artist George Coghill ranging from commercial to fine art, comic and graphic images and illustration, as well as graphic design and web design.